• Brad and Laurie Hachtel, husband and wife

    Fran Pote, Avid Yoga and Pilates Enthusiast since 2004

    Dave Cooney, Avid Skier and Hiker

    Stephanie Williams, Avid Runner and Pilates Enthusiast since 2004

  • Consistent Pilates Works!  


    Consistent Pilates is the key for the longevity of your life.  Preventing future injury and increasing overall body strength comes from practicing Pilates consistently.



    1.     You will be able to activate the muscles of your pelvis and the trunk of your body effortlessly. (CORE)


    2.    You will have ability to rhythmically breathe as you exercise.  Meaning your coordination of breath and movement become second nature.


    3.    Your cardiovascular exercise will improve from your Pilates.   Once you learn how to activate the right muscles groups at the right time, you will be able to expend more energy during your cardio workouts. (running, walking, biking)


    4.    Pilates plays a significant role in boosting the quality of the muscles that wrap around your bones. Pilates minimizes the chances of succumbing to osteoporosis.  


    5. You will develop a stronger and supple spine.  You will be more agile and flexible.


    6.  You will have greater stability and balance because you will develop internal muscular strength.