Brad and Laurie Hachtel, husband and wife

    Dave Cooney, Avid Skier and Hiker

    Pam Gaber, Avid Hiker and Pilates Enthusiast since 2005

    Fran Pote, Avid Yoga and Pilates Enthusiast since 2004

    Stephanie Williams, Avid Runner and Pilates Enthusiast since 2004

  • I never knew what Pilates was before I started at WK 3 months ago and now I love it! Within a couple of months Pilates has drastically improved my core strength, my stamina, and my body is more toned than ever before. What I like the most about WK is the personal coaching I get even in a Group Class. Each session has no more than 5 people, unlike in other fitness centers where there are way too many people or too little space.

          - Deepti

    Since being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, I found WK Pilates has dramatically changed my life. I haven't felt this good in years! Sonia Kang teaches with kindness and care, something that I value and appreciate greatly.

         - Susan

    [My daughter] Erin and I have thoroughly enjoyed attending Pilates together. It is a great way to combine exercise with an activity we can do together that has a healthy focus. The time spent is a fabulous compliment to her soccer and skiing activities.

         - Sarah

    Pilates has introduced me to the concept of core strength. It improved the alignment of my spinal column, which in turn relieved or eliminated a lot of my neck, shoulder and lower back discomfort. As you attempt each exercise you can feel your body as it becomes aware and attempts to adjust to each move.

         - Jacquie

    Most of my life my idea of exercise was totally aerobic... running, biking etc. It was out of curiosity I signed up for a private Pilates session about three years ago with Sonia. I was blown away by the changes in my body and how much leaner I have become. I continue to hike the beautiful mountain trails in Phoenix and am so much physically stronger due to my Pilates training. I highly recommend this to anyone who is interesting in improving their core strength, posture and overall health.

         - Pam

    I was looking for an exercise program that would help my total body but with minimal impact on my joints. Pilates helped in developing and strengthening my core which in turn has helped me in my daily activities. It has helped to increase my body awareness in posture and flexibility.

         - Denise

    Highly recommend WK Pilates' welcoming and expert team. Their varied programs--reformer, chair, barre, "boot camp"--have helped me stand up taller and move with greatly increased flexibility and balance.

         - John

    Testimonials from Clients who have completed the WK Pilates 10 Day Challenge

    This is truly been a great challenge for me. I have self-neglected my body for some time and getting back to feeling my muscles and being able to control them and using Pilates for that just means a lot to me. I think the 10 day challenge is really how I need to exercise- I need to work out 5 days a week with Pilates and you offering this challenge was really a gift so thank you.

         - Angela

    I feel really good, I feel awake. My back feels good, I feel like I'm really conscious of my posture and I'm excited to do more. I'm trying, I'm excited, motivated!

         - Rachel

    I've done many one hour fitness programs in my lifetime and Sonia's Pilates class is the fastest and most fun hour I've ever spent.

         - Jack

    I just enjoy every class I come to because they're all different. I also enjoy this challenge because I feel I've gotten stronger over the year and this helps me see that I have gotten stronger.

         - Prudence

    Pilates has been absolutely great for me, it's really helping me recuperate from my injury that I sustained while running so I'm definitely going to keep up with it.

         - Ofelia